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 The SBTC is a network of over 15,000 transportation professionals, associations, and industry suppliers that is on the front lines when it comes to issues that affect transportation professionals operating small businesses. We seek to promote and protect the interests of small businesses in the transportation industry. SBTC encourages ethical business practices and support teamwork, cooperation, transparency, and partnerships among truckers, carriers, brokers, and shippers who seek to do business with the utmost integrity. SBTC is a Florida non-profit corporation with IRS 501(c)(6) exempt status with offices in Washington, DC.

Safe Truck Parking & Jason's Law

"Jason's Law" is named after Truck Driver Jason Rivenburg, who was murdered in his truck while parked in an abandoned gas station in 2009. Five years later, history repeated itself as Trucker Michael Boeglin was gunned down in Detroit in June of 2014. The SBTC has set up a fundraiser to help his wife and unborn child.

The SBTC is currently working with FMCSA & FHWA to increase safe truck parking in all states and ensure that the financial inprovements to the nation's truck parking infrastructure authorized by Jason's Law in the MAP-21 Highway Law are actually implemented by the states. We seek a Federal guide for truckers that will help drivers identify safe locations and promote the best parking practices. 

We are also striving to help shippers and receivers appreciate how they can play a significant role in avoiding similiar incidents in the future. However, in order for us to be successful, we must change the public's image of truck drivers and adopt a "Community Oriented" approach to trucking, grounded in individual responsibility and respect for the communities drivers are guests in. 

Read Allen Smith's Article Here.


Interstate Truckers' Right to Carry Campaign & Petition 
Once an American citizen leaves his state and engages in "interstate commerce," his ability to carry a firearm and guard the shipment should be protected under Federal Law pursuant to the Commerce Clause of the Constitution and in the spirit of the 2nd Amendment. The "Reserved Powers" clause, which gives the states the right to regulate guns carried WITHIN their state, should not apply because the firearm is carried THROUGH a state not solely WITHIN a state. The states should not be allowed to interfere with interstate commerce in this manner. We believe such restrictions are Un-Constitutional. Click Here to Sign the Petition.


Confronting Driver Harassment & Protecting the Sanctity of Driver Sleep

SBTC is calling on law enforcement agencies to engage in sensitivity training to stop the unlawful practice of waking drivers up during the Federally mandated sleep periods currently plaguing drivers. SBTC has determined there is a mechanism to report those local law enforcement agencies that habitually interfere with Federally mandated sleep to the U.S. Department of Justice and we are inviting truckers to file Sleep Interference Complaints with the SBTC. To do so, click here.


Private-Public Sector Partnerships
The SBTC has recently had fruitful discussions with FMCSA staff about fostering a private-public sector partnership to resolve Industry problems. FMCSA has been very receptive. We believe our discussions with the Agency have been productive in large part due to the tone recently set by the Agency and their willingness to listen to the industry’s concerns at such events like Transportation Research Board (“TRB”) and the numerous industry “listening sessions” held around the country, including those held recently on driver & broker training. SBTC applauds the Agency’s recent efforts to reduce driver fatigue for the benefit of both the public and drivers themselves. We appreciate their bona fide concern for drivers' safety. However, there is clearly much more to be done... 


Raising Motor Carrier Insurance to $4.4 million


$750,000 minimum would only go up to $2.1.
WThe SBTC is watching what is happening in Washington daily. We have been tracking HR 2740which would raise truckers insurance to $4.4m. We believe that if Congress seeks to adjust commercial trucking liability insurance for inflation, according to this government indicator, the current $750,000 non-Hazmat legal minimum would only go up to $2.1m.

The SBTC believes this attempt to raise motor carrier insurance nearly six fold is an attack on independent truckers by personal injury attorneys looking to create big cash cows for their contingency cases. Those larger entities in trucking supporting this attempt to raise independent truckers' insurance to $4.4m is nothing more than an attempt to squeeze out the little guy owner-operator and defeat competition. Anything more than a reasonable adjustment for inflation from 1985 to the present is unwarranted and unreasonable. To be fair, the broker bond should also be tied to inflation in accordance with past FMCSA Rulemaking and not set at an amount too high that hurts small business brokers.


Broker Rate Transparency and Raising Driver Pay

We believe freight brokers, carriers and truckers should work in partnership on the same supply-side team. In our book, teammates share information. By being rate transparent, brokers show carriers and truckers they consider them true partners. And truckers will make more money. One SBTC member brokerage is already leading the way: "Transparency Starts Here." For more on transparency and how it will affect driver pay, see this presentation from the Mid-America Trucking Show:


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